May 8, 2008

Energy: Global is Local

International Energy Expert and E. F. Schumacher Society Board member Joseph Stanislaw will be presenting a talk, Energy: Global is Local at the First Congregational Church in Great Barrington, MA on Thursday, May 22nd at 7:30 pm.

Joseph Stanislaw is the lead organizer and chairman of the Athens Summit 2008, a meeting of 61 countries to foster closer, deeper, and more effective cooperation on attaining energy security and combating climate change. His work as the founder of the advisory firm JAStanislaw group and as an independent advisor to Deloitte has involved him with the stark realities of energy security throughout the world. "We are now," Stanislaw says, "collectively acknowledging the qualitative limitations of hydrocarbons and the challenges these pose --especially in light of mounting global energy demand." The threat in terms of climate change and international social unrest requires that actions be taken that both deal with carbon emissions and provide continued access to energy.