April 23, 2008

In his closing remarks at the 2007 Building Sustainable Local Economies Seminar, Chuck Turner spoke of the economic models presented, and being implemented throughout the world, as the beginning of a change in our mode of thinking. They embed a more appropriate way of relating to each other and to the natural world. As the old paradigm of materialism that is causing social, ecological, and economic injustices crumbles, it is essential to consciously participate in the shaping of a new paradigm. Communities that are evolving place-based institutions for land, labor, and capital will be the support for this new system.

Turner closed by saying that the beginning lies with the seminar participants. Each has the power to start a local project that will be a root for developing an entirely new consciousness. All we must do is start.

Chuck Turner will again be a member of the core faculty for the Building Sustainable Local Economies, May 21st to May 25th, joining Eric Harris-Braun, Elizabeth Keen, Chris Lindstrom, Joseph Stanislaw, Alex Thorp, and Susan Witt.

Turner's 2007 E. F. Schumacher Lecture "What about Us––The Earth's People?" has just been published. You can find the complete text or order it in pamphlet form at www.smallisbeautiful.org.