July 19, 2009

Recover the Simple Life

Better to keep your
Country small
Your people few
Your devices simple
And even those for
Infrequent use.

Let people measure life
By the meaning of death
And not go out of their way
To visit far off places
With nowhere to travel
And little care for the display of great ships
And shining weapons become
Mere relicts of the past.

Let people recover
The simple life
Reckoning by knotted cords
Delighting in a basic meal
Pleased with humble attire
Happy in their homes
Taking pleasure in their
Rustic ways.

So content are they
That nearby towns
So close, the sound
Of dogs and roosters
Forms one chorus --
Folks grown grey with age
May pass away never having
Strayed beyond the village.

Lao Tzu